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The Inner Child Recovery Process For the Treatment of Sex/Porn Addiction

Introducing a New Approach to Treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors

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About The Book

The road to recovery from sex/porn addiction goes through your childhood.

About the Book description

I believe the solution to helping individuals escape the stranglehold of a sex/porn addiction is the answer to a simple question – why“Why have sex and pornography overtaken my life?” And the answer to that question can be found in the Inner Child.

The Inner Child is running the show when it comes to your sex/porn addiction. The Inner Child Recovery Process for Sexual/Pornography Addictions is a new and cutting-edge therapy for treating the disorder and has been proven successful with a vast majority of individuals in my private counseling practice.

This unique and interactive treatment approach empowers individuals by helping them understand "why" they engage in addictive behaviors. This knowledge allows them to stay one step ahead of their addiction by being alert to the core emotional triggers that activate the 9 Inner Children.

This treatment also is extremely beneficial for the spouses/partners of addicted individuals by providing them with valuable insights into the rationales of why their partners betrayed them.

I know this book will bring healing to many individuals who have been frustrated in their journey to control the disorder, as well as for their spouses/partners who want answers to the question “why did you do this to me?”

Benefits of the Inner Child Recovery Process

  • Answers the WHY question
  • Promotes Continuous Self-Reflection
  • Reduces Compulsive Behaviors
  • Teaches How to Process Painful Emotions
  • Encourages Mindfulness
  • Promotes Healthy Curiosity
  • Moves Individuals to Become Outwardly Focused
  • Improves Emotional IQ